Kofi Addaquay, also known as Konstantin, is a fullstack software engineer & architect. As a software engineer he has worked with companies like Hearst Magazines, developing on brands such as Oprah, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc. He also worked for Scripps Networks, now acquired by Discovery Communications, on brands such as Food Network, HGTV, Cooking Channel, DiY, food.com, etc. He also worked at Charter Communications (a fortune 100 company) as a senior software engineering manager in digital marketing overseeing development of the Spectrum brand.

He currently works at Harrys as a software engineering manager in digital marketing, where he leads a mid-sized software engineering team, providing technical guidance and mentorship on Harrys brands (Flamingos and HeadQuarters). Some of his other roles include collaborating and assisting product owners, project managers, directors and CTO in identifying scope, as well as systems, subsystems, and interfaces, for upcoming projects and company initiatives.

Kofi has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is constantly training himself to further his mental and physical capabilities. His current passion for blockchain technology and machine learning, has aspired him get a masters degree in data science (Artificial Intelligence) in the upcoming future. In the meantime, he is involved in startup initiatives, where he leads technology aspects such as how to integrate machine learning and blockchain technology into the business model, etc.

Outside of work, you will find him in many activities. Learning a new classical piano piece, teaching and doing martial arts, writing poetry or self help notes (on the nature of life and reality), reading philosophy books, yoga, studying math, playing ping pong, etc. Fun fact: Kofi has not had a warm bath or shower in 3 years. He now takes only cold showers! You may or may not find him in the morning shivering, with teeth chattering.

You can reach out to him directly on this blog, or on linked in.

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