Konstantin, also known as Kofi, can be described in many ways. He is lover of life! A classical pianist, martial artist, poet, philosopher, yogi, and mathematician. By profession he is a software engineer / architect, working primarily with HTML, CSS, & fullstack Javascript, and has worked with companies like Hearst Magazines and Food Network in New York City. Kofi currently works at Charter Communications (Spectrum) as a senior manager in digital marketing, and leads a mid-sized software development team. He is also the principle software engineer at Piervin Technologies, where he leads blockchain development projects (iOT & payment network solutions). Kofi has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is constantly training himself to further his mental and physical skills. He is very passionate about blockchain technology, and aspires to get a masters degree in data science (Artificial Intelligence) in the upcoming years. You can reach out to him on this blog, or on linked in.

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